Geochemic Ltd

Geochemic Ltd offers a mining focused environmental geochemistry testing service. Our expertise is the characterization of Acid Rock Drainage and Metals Leaching potential of mining waste. We work from our UK based laboratory facility in the town of Pontypool located within the historic mining district of the South Wales Coalfield.

Our test schedule includes the following industry standard static and kinetic tests but we also cater for any adaptations, R&D ideas and bespoke requirements that you might have:

  • Sample receipt and preparation (logging, drying, screening, crushing, splitting, milling, sieving)
  • Carbon and sulfur speciation
  • Mineralogical characterisation through skilled partners
  • Static leaching tests such as European standard EN 12457 1-4 methods together with US SPLP, MWLP and MEND
  • Net Acid Generation (NAG), single addition, kinetic, sequential, multi addition and liquor analysis.
  • Neutralisation Potential (NP) tests including European standard (EN 15875:2011), Sobek and modified Sobek
  • Paste and rinse pH and Ec
  • Dynamic Monolithic Leaching procedures (European standard EN 15863:2015) 
  • Up-flow Percolation test (European standard EN 14405:2017)
  • pH dependent leach test (European standard EN 14429:2015)
  • Humidity cell testing (ASTM D 5744-18 and MEND 1.20.1 defined methods)
  • Sequential extractions
  • Bespoke column testing procedures various scales and techniques used
  • Oxygen consumption testing (WTW Oxi-top)
  • Treatability testing
  • Carbon sequestration suitability testing