Geochemic laboratory services

At Geochemic we have a well equipped laboratory facility designed specifically for geochemical testing of mining waste materials. We can accommodate many types of kinetic column leaching, oxygen consumption and attenuation testing. These include ASTM D 5744 humidity cell tests which are commonly regarded as the industry standard mining waste weathering test method. 

We offer testing as both stand alone packages or in conjunction with our consulting services. 

Our facility includes the following:

  • Elga-Option R-7 purified water system supplied by a Veolia. This system produces ASTM Type II+ water (greater than 15 M ohm resistivity) exceeding the quality requirements of the ASTM D 5744 standard methodology
  • Clean, oil-free, compressed air supply with integrated dryer certified to -40 degrees centigrade dew point. This is used for humidity cell aeration. Additional deionised water fed humidifier is included in line for air supply during the humidity cell humid air cycle 
  • Stable laboratory temperature maintained at 25 degrees centigrade +/- 2 degrees
  • On site preservation of samples, and analysis externally for major and trace elements at an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

 In addition we have the following in-house analytical capabilities:

  • Measurement of pH using a HACH HQ30d meter equipped with a HACH IntelliCal standard gel filled pH probe
  • Measurement of electrical conductivity using a second HACH HQ30d meter equipped with a IntelliCal standard conductivity probe.
  • Measurement of oxidation reduction potential (ORP) using a Hanna HI-213 meter with a EA Instruments ORP-32c combination platinum ring gel filled ORP electrode.
  • Measurement of alkalinity and acidity through titration using a HACH 16900 digital titrator
  • Turbimetric determination of sulfate through the barium sulfate precipitation method determined using a HACH DR-3900 visible range spectrophotometer.
  • Colorimetric determination of additional parameters (such as iron, nitrate, cyanide, chloride etc) as required through visible light spectrophotometry, also using the HACH DR-3900 spectrophotometer
  • Automated potentiometric titration tasks using a Metrohm 718 Stat Titrino.
We ensure that our in-house testing is accurate and precise through careful calibration of electrochemical probes and meters. 
  • In all cases we use commercially available, fully NIST traceable calibration solutions and standards. 
  • We ensure that probes and meters are calibrated at the start of each analysis day, and that precision checks (standard checks) are performed every tenth measurement. 
  • If the standard check falls outside of a given limit, for example +/- 10%, the analytical procedure is recalibrated or adjusted appropriately.